"Let's Go Green TOGETHER"
Ground Floor, Block VIII, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
  1. Management and protection of State & Protected Forests, National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Game Reserves.
  2. Control of illegal resource degradation activities through registration and perusal of Offence Cases in the relevant Courts of Law.
  3. Management & control of the Forest Check posts situated on important routes to ensure collection of Forest duties on Firewood, Timber and other Forest produce coming / transited from other provinces or countries.
  4. Revenue collection, as admissible under the law and rules made their under.
  5. Raising of Forest Nurseries and provision of plants to the Farmers, General Public, Government Institutions and other Non-Government Organizations.
  6. Execution of Bi-Annual (spring and monsoon) Tree Planting Campaigns to increase tree cover in the province.
  7. Maintenance of existing Aesthetic, Linear, and Energy plantations.
  8. Management of Trophy Hunting in community managed Wildlife areas of Torghar (Killa Saifullah) and Dureji (Lasbella).
  9. Provision of Eco-tourism / recreational facilities (national parks, recreational parks, etc.).
  10. Maintenance of Plantations for Soil conservation and Sand Dune stabilization.
  11. Implementation of development schemes.